Christopher Hall - Professional Photographer - High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

About Me.

(The Photographer Behind The Lens).

For me photography isn’t just a job. It’s not something where I drag myself out of bed thinking I have got to go to work to pay the bills. Photography is something that I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy doing. It’s the ability to go out and meet new people, visit new places and capture not only images but stories unfolding.

I have lived through some harsh times, which is why when I decided to go full-time I already had my so called ‘target client’ in mind. I didn’t want to target those who could pay the higher rates. I wanted to make myself available to everyone. It was a choice that was easy, I didn’t want to use my standing as a qualified photographer to increase my prices, but to improve the quality of images that I can provide to those who have a more realistic budget for a photographer.

I am always looking to further my knowledge with photography as well as improving my skills with a camera, which is why I am a member of The Guild of Photographers (Qualified Professional).



What Is Important To Me As A Photographer?

Theses are the things that make me tick and are important to me as a photographer.

Quality Photography

I believe in being able to provide quality images. This is why I am a Qualified Photographer with the Guild of Photographers.

Affordable Photography

I understand that some people are restricted by budget. This is why I aim to be an affordable photographer.

Personal Service

Service is the most important thing. Whatever your needs I will do what I can as a photographer to help.

Creative Photography

At the heart of any photographer is a desire to be creative. I strive to find ways to continuously learn and be creative.


Some Examples Of My Photography Work.

I know that you can’t judge a photographer based on what they say.

Have a look at some of my work to help you decide if I am the right photographer for you.


The Photography Blog.

Find out what I have been doing as a photographer (plus some other photography related articles).

A Photographer's Vision - RAW Edit Challenge

How Would You Edit A Portrait?

A Photographer’s Vision

There has to be said about the way that a photographer sees something. We all have this ability to see the same thing, but it is the artistic instinct of the photographer that will make that same image their own. The enthusiast and professional photographer alike will add their own style and character to their images, making that same image their very own. A photographer is an artist and their photographic and editing style is their signature.

Christopher Hall - Professional Photographer - High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

The Positive Effect Of COVID-19 And The Lockdown On My Photography

COVID-19 Lockdown For Me As A Photographer?

For me as a photographer the lockdown, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been hard. It has been an endless struggle of loneliness, stress and worry. It has had me, at times, almost in tears not wanting to get out of bed. I lost my creativity and didn’t know what was happening with the business that I had struggled to start from literally nothing just over five years ago.

What Are You Looking For In A Wedding Photographer?​

What Are You Looking For In A Wedding Photographer?

This Is Your Opportunity

With so many new wedding photographers coming on the scene every year along with the current conditions many photographers are having to have a good look at what they are offering their wedding couples.

I would like your help to give these wedding photographers the information that they need to create wedding packages and services that are created around what the wedding couple would like, and not the wedding photographer.