A time to dance - A model call


Calling all dancers and models

I’m often looking for ways to inspire my creative side of photography and to do this I put out model calls of ideas that I have.

One idea that I am currently looking at is to photograph a dancer (inspired by this video by Tommy Reynolds).

If you are interested in working on a similar project then please let me know via the Contact Me page so that we can work something out.

Unfortunately these projects are unpaid however you will receive the digital files of the final images from the session to use in your portfolio or however you like.

Brief Overview

To capture someone dancing (I’m thinking ballet or street dancing, something that would involve some leaps).

This would including getting ready (e.g. putting on dance shoes, stretches, etc).


Outdoor (either a wood or meadow)

Indoor (dance studio or run-down building)

Please comment below if you are interested or think you could help with a location.