Headshot Photography - Know Your Client


A headshot photographer needs to know their client

As a headshot photographer my job starts even before I have picked up the camera. Knowing the client is an essential part of the job, it’s not just a simple case of sitting them in front of the camera and making it go click.

With headshot photography it is not very often you get to meet up for a coffee before the session although there are some things that you need to know even before you meet.

What is it your client does and what are they going to be using their headshot for? What sort of shot are they looking for? Do they want something dramatic or more traditional? All of this information needs to be gathered before the headshot photography session so that I know that I am turning up with the right kit in my bag(s).

This is the time where the questions are asked via email or during a phone call. It is also a good time to ask your client if they have any ideas of what they are looking for and to send over some example photos that they may have.

The more you ask the more you, and your client, will feel relaxed and comfortable at their headshot photography session.

Think about the questions and write them down on a card that you can carry around with you (you aren’t always at your desk when the phone call comes).

Some examples to include could be:

  • What is photography for? (acting, business, etc)

  • Have you seen something you like or do you have something in mind? (ask for examples so you can visually see what they are looking for)

  • Where are the images going to be used?

  • Do you have any colours in mind? (helpful for deciding on a backdrop)

There are so many questions you could ask and you need to tailor these questions to your clients, and add a few more.

If you are reading this and are interested in having a headshot photography session please feel free to contact me or have a look around at the services I offer for actors (or perfromance artists), corporate clients or personal clients.