Five Reasons You Should Have A Professional Headshot

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Why would you want a Professional Headshot

It’s a great question and why would you want to hire a professional headshot photographer?

Unless you are a model or possibly an actor you probably think you are not that photogenic or feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. If that is you why on earth would you want to put yourself through the pain of having a professional headshot taken?

A simple answer for hiring a professional is that they, should, know what they are doing. They should be able to make you feel relaxed and as result produce a photograph that shows you at your best.

There are of course lots of different reasons I could tell you as to why you need a professional headshot photographer (it’s my job so I would tell you that anyway). Here though are my top five reasons:

That First Impression Counts

How many times have you had that feeling of “I wish I could take that back” or “If only I had done that differently”. It happens to all of us, so don’t think it’s just you.

Often the first time someone sees you online, or in print, is through your profile photograph. It’s something you need that stands out and tells people that they can trust you. As soon as someone sees you they will make that first impression of you and no matter how hard you try that first impression will stick.

What impression do you want to give? Do you want to show people that you care about your appearance, and ultimately theirs? Do you want to show them someone who they will be able to build a relationship with, business or otherwise?

If you were to look at someone else’s headshot photograph what would you be looking for? People looking at yours will be asking the same question.

Looking The Part

As good as mobile phones are these days do you really want to trust your career, or whatever other reason it is for your headshot, to a selfie?

The simple part here is if you want to be treated as being a professional you need to look professional and that includes having a professional photograph displayed of you.

Building A Connection

If you are in business it doesn’t matter how good or exciting that business is. The one thing that can either build or destroy as business is the people. It’s why companies invest so much on customer service and sales people.

People do business with people, not the business. If they don’t feel comfortable with the person the connection and trust isn’t there.

Even before you speak your headshot photograph is creating that connection. Is it creating an image of someone they can trust?

It’s Your Identity

Online your identity is everywhere. It’s not only for your website, it forms part of your social media profiles. Even when you post in blog comments or on a forum your avatar is shown. If all of these are linked with a professional headshot they are perceived as more believable and trustworthy, rather than an anonymous placeholder or no photo at all.

Boost Your Confidence

Getting a professional photograph is a great way of boosting your confidence. Just seeing your headshot photograph everywhere will give you a sense of achievement.

It makes you feel good knowing that people visiting your website or viewing your profile are seeing the good-looking, friendly face of the person they would want to do business with.

Plus, the session can seem a bit like pampering yourself. Especially when you see the results.

I hope you enjoyed reading through these five reasons. If you have any to add please feel free to leave them in the comments below.