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How Much Editing Is Too Much For A Headshot?

Edit Or Not To Edit A Headshot

Editing a headshot is one of those questions that has been going around since headshot photography started (whenever that was). Editing is also the main difference between headshot photography and portrait photography.

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Estate Agent Headshot Photography Studio | Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes | Bedfordshire

How Can An Estate Agent Headshot Boost Client Confidence?

It’s A New Digital World

Only one person at a time, wash your hands, wear a face mask. These are some of the ways that estate agents are adopting to a new way selling homes in a predominantly online new world. How else though can you give your clients that extra confidence that will make that difference between making a sale or having a ‘no show’ for a viewing?

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Wedding Photography - St Albans & Abbots Langley

Wedding Photography – St Alban & Abbots Langley

The Gatehouse, St Albans

The registry office in St Albans (The Gatehouse) is becoming one of my most popular venues to visit as a wedding photographer and one that I always love going back to. Not only is The Gatehouse a fantastic venue the staff are great as well.

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Is This The End Of Microstock Photography?

Is This The End Of Microstock Photography?

For those who are anywhere near the microstock photography industry you may have noticed that there is a lot of shouting going on at the moment about the latest release from Shutterstock.

If you have ever looked into the world or microstock photography you can’t have helped but notice that Shutterstock is, possibly, the market leader within this industry. On par with them though is Adobe (aka Fotolia). If you haven’t heard of these giants in a micro world they provide ‘mass market’ stock photography images via numerous different outlets. If you have a website your service provider may offer images for you to use on your website. In the main these images will come from these or some of the other microstock agencies out there.

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A Photographer's Vision - RAW Edit Challenge

How Would You Edit A Portrait?

A Photographer’s Vision

There has to be said about the way that a photographer sees something. We all have this ability to see the same thing, but it is the artistic instinct of the photographer that will make that same image their own. The enthusiast and professional photographer alike will add their own style and character to their images, making that same image their very own. A photographer is an artist and their photographic and editing style is their signature.

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Christopher Hall - Professional Photographer - High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

The Positive Effect Of COVID-19 And The Lockdown On My Photography

COVID-19 Lockdown For Me As A Photographer?

For me as a photographer the lockdown, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been hard. It has been an endless struggle of loneliness, stress and worry. It has had me, at times, almost in tears not wanting to get out of bed. I lost my creativity and didn’t know what was happening with the business that I had struggled to start from literally nothing just over five years ago.

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What Are You Looking For In A Wedding Photographer?​

What Are You Looking For In A Wedding Photographer?

This Is Your Opportunity

With so many new wedding photographers coming on the scene every year along with the current conditions many photographers are having to have a good look at what they are offering their wedding couples.

I would like your help to give these wedding photographers the information that they need to create wedding packages and services that are created around what the wedding couple would like, and not the wedding photographer.

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How Has COVID-19 Impacted The Photography Industry - The Report

How Has COVID-19 Impacted The Photography Industry – The Review

As a photographer I am bombarded by individuals experiences of how they have been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. It doesn’t seem to matter where I look it’s everywhere. My Facebook feed is full of questions being asked by a host of photographers, along with the usual questions about what to do when you have lost your ‘Mo-Jo’. Instagram is full of images of times when things were different, old images used to make people look like they are still busy (don’t let them fool you, everyone is in lockdown so photographers are not busy at the moment). Even my email is full of different people who are giving advice on what you should be doing (along with ways that I could spend the income I don’t have with them).

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Coronavirus - Who Are the Heros? - A Photography Project

Coronavirus – Who Are the Heroes? – Nominations Open

First of all I would like to thank all of those who have contacted me so far wanting to add faces to the heroes that are helping all of us keep going.

I have so far been told about the fantastic work that Siemens Heatlineers are doing to provide research and equipment for the hospitals all around the world. Closer to home there are the more local heroes.

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An Unexpected Calling – How It Began

Some of you may know that photography is not the only thing that I enjoy doing. I also like to go for a walk in the countryside (a bit limited at the moment with the lockdown), painting when I get the inspiration and a bit of writing.

The writing originally started with small stories until I was challenged by God to start on something a bit bigger. It’s always great when are dreams become a reality and for me that reality was just over a year ago when my first book was launched (I saw first as there is another that I have been working on).

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