Headshot & Portrait Photography
Your questions about my headshot & portrait photography answered
Headshot & Portrait Photography
Your questions about my headshot & portrait photography answered
Headshot & Portrait Photography
Your questions about my headshot & portrait photography answered

Portrait & Headshot Photography FAQ

Your Questions Answered

Portrait Photographer - Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

Christopher James Hall – Bedfordshire Portrait & Headshot Photographer.

Got Questions?

Don't Panic We All Do.

It’s only natural that you will have questions about my portrait and headshot photography. Below I have tried to put together the more common questions that I get asked.

If your question isn’t answered or you would still like more information just drop me an email to chris@cjhphotography.co.uk.

I mainly work from my studio in Ridgmont. However, I am able to work outside. I’m new to the area so I am currently looking for locations close to my studio which I can use. 

The studio is at Ridgmont Station, Ridgmont, Nr Bedford, Bedfordshire.

I would be more than happy to travel to you for the session. In fact I have pricing set up just for this purpose. 

The price includes up to 15 miles from the studio. Anything more than than I would need to charge travel costs as well.

The sessions that I offer last from 30 minutes for a quick headshot to 2 hours for a full portrait session. If you feel that you would need longer this can be arranged and I would need to quote you for that.

Remember you are investing in these sessions as a whole, including the finished images. The session time is only a part of what I do. For the final images to be completed you could easily double, triple or more the amount of time of the session for me to produce the final image.

Headshots are the standard photographs you need to put yourself forward. They are mainly used by actors for auditions or to get in front of agents. More and more they are also now being used by individuals and businesses to help promote themselves online and via social media. I mainly use a few set lighting setups for my headshots which help to keep you looking natural. 

Portraits aren’t essential, but perfect if you are looking to build a portfolio of images or are looking for something to hang on your wall. They can be more creative helping to bring out your character. They don’t have to be anything in particular & you can be a lot more playful in portraits. 

The packages that I offer are also slightly different between headshots and portraits. Headshot, being mainly for online use, come with digital images. Portraits however, come with printed images. 

It is possible though to purchase other products that you would like.

The simple answer – Yes!.

I have been photographing headshots for nearly five years & I can assure you, you do not need to spend hours upon hours sitting in front of the camera.

Often i find that the best shots are taken towards the beginning of the session when you are still fresh. For a headshot, after more than an hour doing the same thing, people tend to start to get a bit bored and that shows in the final images.

Portrait sessions are different as we will be experimenting with different lighting, outfits, backdrop, etc so you will be kept active.

The main part of a headshot is that it shows the real you. If you are having a headshot for acting it’s you the actor people want to see not the last character you played. For business it needs to show someone that your potential clients can trust and feel that they can engage with.

Everything is done online. Once you have confirmed that you want to go ahead with your booking you will have your own client portal which allows you to safely make any payments for the session. Any additional products can also be purchased directly from your personal gallery which you can view from the comfort of your own home or office. 

That is one thing that is important to me, that I keep my prices in the range that most people can afford. I don’t however provide lower quality photographs. I’m a qualified photographer and am to stay that way, which I won’t do if the quality of my work slips. 

The reason that i am able to keep my costs lower is by working smarter. I have spent a lot of time working on ways that I can improve my service without increasing costs.

Take it off and use someone else’s. 

Sorry couldn’t resist that one. Don’t worry about that. I want you to look natural so will try to keep talking. Either way you will be laughing either with me or at me.

That depends on the package. In the studio I prefer to work with my camera linked to my computer so that we can view your images straight away and you can select the ones that you would like edited. For location work I will provide a gallery of un-edited images for you to select from.

If you want more images that is fine. Just let me know which ones and I will get them edited for you. Once that are ready you are then able to decide how you would like your images via the range of products that I have available.

Whatever you feel comfortable in.

Think about the image that you are trying to achieve.  Really think about what suits you and what you feel good in! Try to stay away from busy patterns and logos. Subtle textures can work great though, lace for example or wool. From experience people think they need very plain boring clothes, but this is not the case, bring your best, your favourites! Even your most expensive! You paid more for that top for a reason! 

With portraits you can be a bit more adventurous and there will be time for a change of outfits so do bring a wide range.

If you are stuck for inspiration I would always recommend having a look around Pinterest.

My view here is to keep it real. I will soften the skin and remove anything that would usually be there.

For headshots I will try and get the images to you by the next working day, although this may be slightly longer during peak times. 

With portraits I spend longer over the editing so it can take up to 7 days before you see the final image.

In general your images are available for a month. If you feel that you need longer though just let me know and this can be extended.

Yes of course, it’s always good to get a second opinion.

If you are under 18 you will have to have someone with you (I may request ID to confirm that you are over 18). This is as much for your protection as well as mine.

In most cases I would say no to bringing someone with you as they can be distracting during the session. If however you think it will help you to relax that that is fine. Remember though that space is limited so no more than one additional person.

Please let me know 48 hours before the session. 

I understand that life has a way of changing, if you need to reschedule rather than cancel we can always transfer the booking fee to your new appointment.

Shhhhh... Want To Know How To Get A FREE Session?

To celebrate the launch of my new headshot & portrait photography studio at Ridgmont Station, Ridgmont, Bedford, MK43 0XP I will be giving away a limited number of preview sessions to my Facebook followers. If you would like to know as soon as details are released all you need to do is follow my Facebook page.

Wedding, Portriat & Headshot photographer

Luton & Ridgmont, Bedfordshire

As a wedding photographer, based in Luton, Bedfordshire, I offer my wedding photography services around Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire any throughout the rest of the UK.

My relaxed style of wedding photography blends itself to any venue, creating natural, relaxed images of your wedding for you to enjoy.

As a portrait & headshot photographer based in Ridgmont, Bedfordshire my studio is fully equipped to provide images that will make you stand our online or that you will want to have displayed on your walls.

My relaxed style to portrait & headshot photography will enable you to feel relaxed producing images that you will want to show off.