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An Unexpected Calling – How It Began

Some of you may know that photography is not the only thing that I enjoy doing. I also like to go for a walk in the countryside (a bit limited at the moment with the lockdown), painting when I get the inspiration and a bit of writing.

The writing originally started with small stories until I was challenged by God to start on something a bit bigger. It’s always great when are dreams become a reality and for me that reality was just over a year ago when my first book was launched (I saw first as there is another that I have been working on).

Wedding Photography Update - When Can You Get Married? COVID-19

Wedding Photography Update – When Can You Get Married?

With so many people having their weddings affected by the COVID-19 outbreak it is important to remember that you are not alone.

The main thing to keep in mind when your dream of getting married has to be delayed is that your love for each other is stronger than the coronavirus. The date may change but your feeling for each other will be even stronger when the day finally arrives.

Wedding photography - Chesterton Hotel, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Wedding Photography – Chesterton Hotel, Bicester, Oxfordshire

When you are looking for a venue for a wedding I find that people will either go one of two ways. They will opt for the traditional church wedding or a wedding venue with character. The couple on this occasion preferred a small wedding so decided that their preferred choice would be the Chesterton Hotel near Bicester in Oxfordshire. Describing itself as a luxury, upscale hotel with a strong identity, the Chesterton Hotel did not miss the mark.

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Help, I’m A Photographer In Isolation

Like many of us when the social distancing first began it wasn’t so bad. It meant time at home and it was almost like a holiday. It wasn’t long though before the reality began to set in and I found myself in need of all the things that were no longer available. I live in a flat so space is limited, I missed being outside, being with people, breathing fresh air, having a moment to myself. In the absence of these simple things it wasn’t long before I felt as though the creative parts of me were in danger of drying up.

The future of wedding photography

What is the future for wedding photography?

There is no question about it. It doesn’t matter where you live, Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has affected everyone and is changing the way that we live our lives in a very drastic way.

The new restrictions that are in place with regards to social distancing are really beginning to hit home and we are finding ourselves limited to being at home. Pubs, restaurants and other social venues have now been closed (at least here in the UK) for the foreseeable future and we are having to find new ways of becoming ‘sociable’.

Covid-19 Coronavirus update

Despite the panic I’m still working

It seems that I am not the only one who has been awake in the night worrying about the Coronavirus and what implications it may have on our lives. This is a very troubling time for everyone and it seems it will continue for a while yet.

I have had some of my clients already contact me about postponing their bookings, which I understand is a major concern for them. To my clients I would like to reassure you that I will continue to work as long as I am able to along with the government guidelines.

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Life is short, buy the shoes

Shoes I’m told are what a girl wants, or was that just a line from a film? In this case though what the lady wanted was to expand her business so that she could start to sell her shoes online.

As we discussed the challenges that she faced it became apparent that the first hurdle was the sheer number of shoes that she had and her budget.

After a few emails back and forth we agreed on a budget and what I could offer to work within that figure.

To help showcase the shoes we had decided on taking a photo of each shoes from four different angles.

Gallery & Management Software For Photographers – Been There, Got The T-Shirt

As a photographer I am often asked which gallery software I use or if I use an application to organise my workload. If I’m not being asked this question directly it is regularly asked on social media and other photographer related platforms.

Truth to be told there are so many different options that it really is down to personal choice. I have however been tempted by some of the comments and offers and have used my fair share of the ready made packages that are available to photographers these days.

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Dance college headshot photography

Has Your Wedding Photographer Let You Down?
Being let down by your wedding photographer is one of those things that many couples dread happening. That moment when you get the call or email from your wedding photographer telling you that they can’t make the date of your wedding.

The panic sets in how will you find another photographer with only a few weeks to go?