Has Your Venue Been Affected By COVID-19?

With the current situation with COVID-19 we are hearing about more and more restrictions being put into place which are affecting the lives of so many. 

From my own point of view, as a wedding photographer, wedding venues have been hit hard affecting not only those employees at the wedding venue. These wedding venues closed, or restricted in size, by this Coronavirus have a ripple effect throughout the rest of the wedding industry. The wedding photographers, dress and cake makers, musicians and entertainers, there are so many different businesses that go into organising a wedding that have been affected. That is nothing though when it comes to the impact on the couple who are going to be married.

It’s not just the wedding venues who have been hit though. It’s the whole hospitality industry who now have empty rooms and venues. Valuable space sat around and not being used.

What though if that space could be used? What if there was something different that you could offer your loyal customers. A way that you could help not only your own business but also the community that surrounds you. You never know you may even gain a few more customers along the way.

Could your Venue Become A Photography Studio?

I’m looking to work with venues that have been affected by COVID-19. Those venues who have either had to close their doors or who have been affected by restricted numbers. It doesn’t even matter where your venue is, whether it’s in a town centre or a small village. The important part for me is that we work together to find a way of helping you engage with your customers and the community around you.

Pubs, restaurants, hotels, cafés, village halls, the list could go on. If you have space we can use it to create a photography studio for you.

If you are such a venue then that valuable space that you have with nobody in it could be used as a photography studio (don’t worry about size I have worked in a store cupboard before).


What's In It For You?

A very good question. Well apart from allowing you to still engage with your customers and provide them with some level of confidence, using some of your space as a studio will allow you to reach out further into your local community by offering a service that may not already be there.

 If that isn’t enough there is also the opportunity to gain some much needed income. For hosting the photography sessions and reaching out to your customers you will receive a 50% share of the earning from the day. 

A 50% share? I guess you are asking what that is worth. Well that really depends on how many of your customers respond to the sessions and how much they spend.

During a normal day it would be possible to get 10 customers (or family bubbles) into your studio. With an average spend of £100 that would mean an income to you of £500.

Depending on your customers reaction you could end up hosting more that one day so the potential for you could be even higher. 

The other advantage of hosting a photography studio is, depending on your customers, you could end up with some great photos to share on your social media.

Want To Find Out More?

If you would like to find out more about using your space as a photography studio please complete the form below and I will be in touch with you soon. 

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