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How Would You Edit A Portrait?

A Photographer's Vision - RAW Edit Challenge

Christopher James Hall – The Photographer’s Vision

A Photographer’s Vision

There has to be said about the way that a photographer sees something. We all have this ability to see the same thing, but it is the artistic instinct of the photographer that will make that same image their own. The enthusiast and professional photographer alike will add their own style and character to their images, making that same image their very own. A photographer is an artist and their photographic and editing style is their signature.

If you look around the internet you will see a myriad of websites, YouTube videos and posts telling you how to edit a photograph. There will also be those who offer set actions or overlays that will ‘help’ the photographers create their own style? Actions though are not enough. All they will do is create a standard image with everyone using them ‘out of the box’ creating a similar image..


“You Don’t take a photograph. you make it

Ansel Adams

There will be those realist photographers out there who say that you have to get the photograph SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera). Yes, I agree that would be the ideal. Is editing a bad things though? If you had the opportunity you could ask the likes of Ansel AdamsAnnie Leibovitz or Greg Gorman. The list could go on but the one this that makes these photographs stand out is their editing style.

Agreed the way that we edit our photographs to match the vision that we see as a photographer has changed. We are no longer restricted to hours in a darkroom moving negatives around under a light. We have the ability to experiment in many different ways. We can add an element, and take it out if it doesn’t work. We can turn it up or turn it down. Make features ‘Pop’ or hide them away.

As photographers though this is our inner artist at work. This is our vision and it is unique to each one of us.

A Photographer's Vision - RAW Edit Challenge

Christopher James Hall – The RAW Files

The RAW Edit Challenge

So I know that this isn’t an original idea but I thought it would be a good way to show off your photographer’s vision.

Above are three self portraits that I took during the lockdown. These images are unedited and available for download as RAW files (via my Google Drive).

I would like to welcome all photographers, the enthusiasts and professionals alike, to download the images and edit the images in your own style so that you can show off your photographer’s vision. 

I want you to get creative so feel free to crop, adjust colours, basically any editing you would like to do. This is an open challenge so anything goes (well almost I will be able to delete any images which are offensive).

Although, I don’t have any prizes (If you are in the photography industry and would like to offer a prize please get in touch via all of the edited images will be available to view via a gallery provided by ShootProof

I will also select my favourites to feature on my website (with links to websites).

If you are like me and would like to see what others are doing I will be uploading the images to my FACEBOOK PAGE as I receive them. 

Make sure you Follow or Like my page to get the updates as they happen.

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Get Downloading

The images are available to download via the links below. The original RAW files are in CR3 format and i am aware that not everyone will be able to use those files. For that reason I have also included a DNG copy of each file.

Once you have finished your editing simply send your files please via WeTransfer to Please include your Name and Website in the message.

Click on the images below to download them

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