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How Has COVID-19 Impacted The Photography Industry - A Preview

How Has COVID-19 Impacted The Photography Industry - The Survey

Some Initial Results

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the survey so far, the number of participants has been overwhelming. After only one day I am already almost a quarter of the way to my target of 1,000 people taking part.

As soon as I get to my target I can then start to dig into the data a bit further however here are a few things that I am finding so far.

The Spread Of Photographers Taking Part

The first thing that I really appreciate is the spread of photographers who are taking part. It’s not just the ones who have are worried about their businesses as they have only just started (4.3%). The more established photographers who have been in business for over ten years have also taken the time to participate (27.6%). The result of this is that at the end we will have a better picture across the photography industry of what is happening.

Photographers survey covid-19 years in business (

As well as the impact on photographers by how long they have been in business my aim is also to capture the effects of some of the areas of photography. I understand that there are genres of photography not covered, however, my aim is to give a good report on a few of the genres rather than a brief snapshot of everything.

Photographers survey covid-19 photographers by genre (
What Are Photographers Doing?

There are many aspects to what photographers are doing and I will go into those in the full report. In the meantime though with over half of photographers either considering or already taking on second jobs is this good news for those who are sticking with photography as their only job?

Photographers survey covid-19 photographers taking second job (
More Good News

The really good news to come out so far is the overwhelming number of photographers, who despite everything, are going to stick with being a photographer. 80% have said that they will keep going with their photography business in some shape or form.

Photographers survey covid-19 photographers giving up (

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