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Is This Good News For Wedding Phtographers?

Christopher James Hall Photography High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Life For Wedding Photographers After COVID-19 

Whilst doing my morning trawl through the news I found an article on the BBC News website coming out of Wuhan. 

Wuhan was the first place that was put into lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic and is also the first country where the lockdown has ended. It’s interesting though to see the response following the social distancing restriction being lifted.

As wedding photographers are we able to take a little bit of hope from what is happening there?

The article suggests that couples are rushing back to registry offices and photographers studios showing signs that life is returning to normal after 11 weeks of lockdown.

It would appear that couples who were dur to get married before, or during, the lockdown are now rushing through their plans to get married after having their big day delayed for weeks or even months.

The surge in demand for a wedding photographer seems to have caught the industry by surprise with one quote being:

“The demand for wedding photos is high after the lockdown. But we decided to serve only two or three couples a day instead of more than 16 before the outbreak over safety concerns” the manager of one wedding photography studio told state media outlet ECNS.

Are Wedding Photographers Prepared?

As wedding photographers is this time to start preparing for a rush after the lockdown is lifted? It would appear that the news later today is that the lockdown will be extended, however, could this time be used productively to get ready for a demand in wedding photography?

If you are a wedding photographer I would love to hear how you are preparing for the lockdown restriction being lifted.

As a wedding couple what are your plans after COVID-19? Will you be rushing to get married?

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