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An Unexpected Calling - How It Began

Available on Amazon if you would prefer it in paperback

The Dream Became Real

Some of you may know that photography is not the only thing that I enjoy doing. I also like to go for a walk in the countryside (a bit limited at the moment with the lockdown), painting when I get the inspiration and a bit of writing.

The writing originally started with small stories until I was challenged by God to start on something a bit bigger. It’s always great when are dreams become a reality and for me that reality was just over a year ago when my first book was launched (I saw first as there is another that I have been working on).


Me speaking about how I came to write the book at St Andrew’s Bookshop

I was challenged by God to start on something a bit bigger

Uncertain Times

If you are like me during these uncertain times you are:

  1. Wondering what you will do when this is all over
  2. Bored and need something to do

Although, the book is published and available through Amazon I feel that now would be a good time to share what I was given to write with you. Why did I say that I was given to write it? When I was writing it really didn’t feel as though it was me doing the writing. When I was writing it was like reading a good book for the first time.

I’m not going to take away too much in this paragraph (that comes when you read the introduction below), however, the book is aimed at inspiring people to feel that no matter who they are they can be called by God to do anything.

If when you start reading it doesn’t do that at least I will have fulfilled number two above. I will have given you something to do for a minute or two.

Now time to go grab yourself a cuppa… The book is about to start.


Did I mention there is a Kindle version?

When I was writing it was like reading a good book for the first time

How It Began

I didn’t intend to write a book. If you knew my past you would know that writing is just not my thing. I didn’t do English at school, at least not very well. I don’t even write emails that are more than a few lines. Writing just wasn’t me. 

Some people though have made comments that I should write my ‘life story’ but what is there to really write about, and should I be writing a book about me at all?

I could have written about my school life, or when I was homeless but that wouldn’t be a book about me anyhow, it would just be a chapter of my life. Either way, I couldn’t write a book about my life, for one it shouldn’t be about me, writing a book about yourself just seems wrong. 

The other reason is that my life isn’t over yet so it wouldn’t be the full story. In truth at the age of forty-something, my life is just beginning. It’s a story that is unfolding each day as I am guided through the adventure that I live in by the real author of this book, God.

So if I didn’t intend on writing a book how did it all happen? Well from one point of view this is what this book is all about. It’s a journey that was the inspiration for my writing.

How did it happen? Well, it began on a dark and stormy night…

Okay, it wasn’t a dark and stormy night. It was, however, a rather windswept walk along the beach at Great Yarmouth.

After a busy time at work, I had decided to take a couple of days for myself and booked into a cheap caravan on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Before going away I had been talking to my pastor about Gideon so bought myself a book about him to read while I was away. Just to clarify, I do mean a book about Gideon and not about my pastor.

On the first day though that changed. I was out strolling along the beach at Great Yarmouth, just generally watching the world go by when I found myself picking up pebbles. Not just any pebbles, they had to be smooth round ones and before long I noticed that I had five of them in my hand. Now, you can begin to see where this is coming from, can’t you? Who else can you think of who picked up five smooth stones?

When I got back to the caravan there was one thing that I needed to check. Did the Bible really mention five smooth stones or was that just my imagination? Checking my Bible it was confirmed that it did mention five stones. That was when curiosity got the better of me. I checked some different translations, and sure enough, they all said the same thing. He picked up five smooth stones from the stream.

David only needed one stone to slay Goliath so why was the Bible so specific about there being five stones. 

As I read through the story again little did I know that this was the first step on a new journey?

For weeks after I got back the story of David and Goliath kept coming back in some form or another. It was in my daily reading, or it was on the radio. All around me there always seemed to be something hinting towards the story of David and Goliath.

As the weeks went by it came up to my turn to lead our church Sunday service. As I usually do I asked the person preaching what the topic was going to be to help me prepare. Yes, you guessed it. The topic that Sunday was going to be David and Goliath.

I talked it through with my pastor and a few of my other church friends, they all came back with the same answer. It was about facing your giants and through overcoming addiction and homelessness I had certainly done that. It was the obvious answer, however, for some reason, it didn’t seem right. I was sure there was something else about this passage that I was missing.

Months after this all began I went to a Christian gathering in Lincoln called One Event. There were four of us in total who went from our church, other than that nobody knew me or would know about the passage that had kept cropping up. 

After one of the seminars I had a question so stayed behind to ask the person who had been giving the talk.  While chatting to them they suddenly stopped and told me that they had a word or rather a passage for me that was not related to my question.

Yes, you guessed it again, that passage was David and Goliath.

They did, however, have something to add. They told me that it was David’s journey. A journey that he would have to make himself and nobody could do it for him.

That was it. I had been given a fresh point of view. I had something new to add to the story. Reading the passage again the words began to form a different meaning. I’m not going to go much further though as I don’t want to tell you in the introduction what the whole book is about.

That though is not where it ended. On the last day of the gathering, the speaker was on stage talking about none other than David and Goliath. As he was talking his words were echoing the thoughts that I was having about the passage. I can even recall the words in my head as I began to think that this point of view would be good as a book.

It was then time to close the service and as the leader got up he spoke out that he had a word for one or maybe two people who were there. As he spoke his description of who the person was had my friends looking at me. Then he added it, he added that this person had recently been thinking about writing. 

I had only had that thought five minutes ago, how could he possibly know? I looked around the rest of the people gathered, there must have been three thousand people there and nobody else was moving. It had to be me.

Plucking up the courage I needed I slowly made my way towards the front in response to the leader’s request.

It could quite easily have stopped there, however, a few weeks after we had returned from the gathering a friend contacted. I hadn’t spoken to her since the summer, well before the conference so there was no way she could have known anything about it.

At the end of our conversation and completely out of the blue she just asked, “Oh, how is the book coming along?”

That was it. There it was, no matter how hard I tried God was not going to let this one go.

The next morning, I simply started writing.



That’s Enough For Now…

Sorry but I do need to stop at some point but don’t worry the next chapter will be posted soon.

If you would like to share any comments on what you have read so far please feel free to do so below.

Thanks for reading. 

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