July Photography Awards

The results are in

The time for nail biting and hitting the F5 key has passed (well for another month at least) and the results of the Image of the Month competition run by The Guild of Photographers are in.

It was a testing month this time round as I entered some images that I wouldn’t usually enter and went with some landscapes that I took in Polzeath (Cornwall) last year.¬†

Each year I produce some postcards to be used at Polzeath Family Mission and as I was going through them I decided to give them a go on a bit of a whim. Out of the nine photographs that I entered seven were given a Classified rating while the remaining two images gained a Bronze Bar.

If you were at Polzeath Family Mission and picked up a postcard congratulations you just got yourself and award winning photograph.

The ratings explained

Bronze Bar

Congratulations in achieving your Bronze Bar, which is only awarded to images of a strong standard in this national competition (something to be proud of)!


The judges felt the image was of a high standard but not award winning at national competition level. Minor tweaks may have resulted in an even higher score, so it may be worth obtaining some feedback? Well done!

My submission for the competition

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