What does freedom feel like for you?

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A commercial photography question

With my commercial photography I aim to capture what your brand means. Your brand is so much more than just your logo or the colours that you have chosen for you website. Your brand is you, it’s your passion and energy that is the heart of your business. It is what your business or product means to you.

So where did this question of “What does freedom feel like for you” come from?

It came after a meeting with Nic and Claire of Ruth Mastenbroek. Both Nic and Claire have joined Ruth in the family business, creating perfume and had the vision of moving forward with their online and promotional presence. As part of this process they contacted me to help with a few photographs.

At our pre-session meeting we discussed all the ideas that they had, and they had a lot of ideas. I did however find some space to add a few ideas of my own. They had also hired The Barn (near Chesham, Buckinghamshire) provided by Where Inspiration Blooms for the day.

One of the things that they wanted to get across was not just the perfume but the inspiration behind each perfume. It is a part of their brand that each perfume tells a story.

They told me about each perfume and I went away from the meeting still pondering how to get the message across about how a perfume feels. For one of the perfumes that idea struck me in the face when I went to view the venue.

The perfume was Amorosa, which means, “woman in love with life” or as Claire and Nic explained explained freedom.

At the venue I was met with a meadow of long grass. Seeing that, the idea was there straight in front of me. I already knew that the ‘brand’ colours included yellow, so how about we got Ruth dancing in the meadow in a yellow dress. That was it.

On the morning of the session, while Claire and Nic got the rooms set up, Ruth and I headed off for the meadow. Music selected, I just let Ruth dance while I simply snapped away.

I hope you enjoy the results…


About Ruth Mastenbroek

Ruth Mastenbroek is a classically-trained perfumer from Beaconsfied, Buckinghamshire who has been composing perfumes for over 40 years. As well as having her own range of perfumes, Ruth is also the secret nose behind many famous brands and fragrances. She adores creating perfume; she seeks perfection in each of her creations and every drop tells a story.

You can find out more on her website: www.ruthmastenbroek.com

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