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Have you ever wanted to try portrait photography?

Do you find that portrait photography is too expensive or do you just want to update a couple of photographs?

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘Yes’ then I could have the perfect solution for you.

My portrait photography mini sessions allow you the opportunity to try portrait photography or update a few photographs. 


What is a mini session?

Simply put a mini session is just what it says it is. 

It’s a shorter, smaller version of my regular portrait photography sessions. You still get the same level of service, the same photography and editing. You still get the backdrop and lights all set up. The only difference is that the session is shorter and I will be shooting other sessions on the same day.  

The advantage of this though is that the cost of the venue is shared and I only have to set up the equipment once, so that means a saving for you. 

Please note due to time constraints with mini sessions the are for individuals. 

How much is a portrait photography mini session?

The cost of each portrait photography mini session may vary slightly depending on how many people are interested and the cost of a local venue. I will aim to keep the cost down though with the average session being approximately £30.00.

The session fee will include a digital image (additional digital images can be purchased for £10.00 each)

Is there a portrait photography mini session near me?

The simple answer here is that there could be. Sessions dates and venues have not been set yet, plus this will be an ongoing service with different themes for each session.

If you would like to have a session near you all you need to do is help get a session arranged. To run each mini session I will need a minimum of 5 people. This could be a group of friends or different individuals from the same area. The more you share about the mini sessions and get people to register their interest the more likely there will be a portrait photography mini session near you.

More information?

If you would like to know more about my portrait photography mini sessions or are interested in creating a mini session in your area please feel free to contact me.

Register your interest

If you are interested in a portrait photography mini session in your area please complete the details below. As soon as I have enough people in your area interested I will create a session local to you.

I will also email you details of other sessions as they are created so that you are the first to know and can book a session is interested.

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